Civil law

Dimitris Svobos Law Office

Our Law Office Dimitris Svobos at Voula also provides excellent and complete legal information on legal issues related to the subjects of Civil law and specifically to:


Property Law

Real Estate Purchases - Sales – Land Registry Checking
Consultancy for Investments
Lifting underwritings-mortgage
Contractors – Establishment of horizontal property
Lawsuits of possession attack or disruption
Ownership lawsuits
Applications for correction of registrations of the Land Registry
Prefectural precautionary measures
Lawsuits for distribution of real estate

Inheritance law

Providing advice on will issues, special issues of hereditary succession (trusts, bequests, etc.)
Lawsuits for infringement of legal inheritance rights, wills
Lawsuits for inheritance property

Family Law

Lawsuits for Divorce - Consensual Divorce
Lawsuits for alimony - Precautionary Measures
Lawsuits for claiming participation in acquisitions
Lawsuits for paternity recognition
Applications for adoption

Law of obligations

Residential leases and Business leases
Lawsuits or orders for the use of rent
Tort liability lawsuits (compensation for medical liability - compensation for car accidents)
Preparation of any kind of contracts
Any kind of lawsuits for claims of contractual liability (order, contract work, loan etc.).
Actio Pauliana
Lawsuits for donation recalls non-fulfillment of manner or cation acquisition
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Criminal Law

Dimitris Svobos Law Office

Our Law Firm has been active in the field of criminal law for a number of years, providing specialized legal advice and services in particularly complex cases.

Our law firm specializes in financial crimes (white collar crimes), embezzlement, fraud, money laundering, cybercrime, defamation and fraud (counterfeiting, etc.) and crimes related to the service (passive bribery, active bribery). Office partners are always on hand to represent you at any emergency. Οur services include:

Complaints, lawsuits
Compilation of written explanations
Representation before an Investigator, Councils and all kinds of Penal Courts
Compilation of applications for pardon
Compilation of applications for erasion of a criminal record
Compilation of applications for merger of sentences dosing, suspension of 497 PC, annulment of procedure (341 PC), annulment of decision (430 PC)
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